Picture of me Hi, my name is Tobias and I am a software craftsperson from northern Germany born in 1990.

I finished my masters degree in computer science with focus on software systems architecture 2015 in Lübeck. Since then I have worked for Dräger Safety, developing application software using C++ and the QT framework until June 2018. Today I am working as a Remote Software Developer and Tech Lead for BRYTER. With my team, we are responsible for providing and great developer experience for other teams and for enabling them to get their work done faster and better.

On the side, I am responsible for the system architecture and for building and launching MVPs and Betas of Weels, a video tool for improving conversion rates (currently German only).

You can find some but not all of my projects on my GitLab or Github account. If you want to know more about my skills, my interests or my history or if you want to connect with me, fell free to take a look on my LinkedIn or Xing profiles or follow me on Twitter.

Aside of my passion for software craft, I enjoy the ocean. Thus, I have started the project “The Ocean Savers” in marine conservation with the mission to raise awareness for the oceans and to have a bigger impact on protection of marine wildlife and ecosystems. More information can be found here.

In my spare time I enjoy to learn new programming languages and technologies and to develop software in languages such as TypeScript, Kotlin or Swift. And I also like traveling, diving, skiing and other outdoor activities.